Find a ride that's right for you
Beachfront Bike Path

9mi, Easy, Family friendly
Santa Barbara

Santa Rosa Road

38mi, Moderate, Loop
Santa Ynez Valley

Mountain Drive

17mi, Moderate, Loop
Santa Barbara

Gibraltar Road

22mi, Epic, Out and Back
Santa Barbara

Obern Trail

21mi, Easy, Beach picnic
Santa Barbara

Rincon Trail

28mi, Easy, Passing through

Christine's Birthday Ride

44mi, Moderate, Loop
Santa Ynez Valley

Santa Paula-Ojai Loop

49mi, Challenging

Jalama Beach

59mi, Moderate, Bike overnight
Santa Ynez Valley

Ojai Valley Trail

33mi, Easy, Family friendly

Lake Casitas

69mi, Challenging, Loop

Figueroa Mountain Road

41mi, Epic, Loop
Santa Ynez Valley


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