Ventura County Routes


Got a hankering for gravel? Like riding on super infrastructure? Want a car-free getaway? Ventura offers all this and more…

Travel car-free

Hop on the Pacific Surfliner in Los Angeles or San Diego and start your adventure the minute you board the train. The Ventura Station connects directly to the Ventura Class 1 bike trail.

Big adventure and family-friendly, too

Bring the whole family and enjoy riding off-road on the beautiful, Class 1, Ventura to Ojai Bike Trail.

Passing through?

Traveling the Pacific Coast Bike Route? If so, you’ll be heading directly to Ventura. Plan a layover day to soak in the sights and enjoy the many nearby bicycle-friendly businesses.


Ventura to Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara to Ventura

Enjoy great bicycle infrastructure?
You’ll love the Rincon Trail, a bike path that takes you to Carpinteria along the shoreline. Ride this route in reverse.

Passing Through?

Whether you’re passing through on the Pacific Coast Bike Route or you’re out for local ride, you’ll enjoy this most modern bicycle infrastructure.

Advocates wanted an off-road alternative to riding on the 101 Fwy; their wishes came true with this 2-way, off-road trail between the freeway and the ocean.

Where to go from here

Keep riding south on your way to Malibu and Santa Monica, or head north along another off-road trail, the Ojai Bike Trail. Check out the Ventura-Santa Paula-Ojai loop route for another option. You can hop on the AMTRAK Surfliner in Ventura, too.


Sulphur Mountain Loop

Sulphur Mountain Loop

Ojai, its nickname is Shangri La. You’ve got to spend some time here to understand why. It’s a jewel of a small town with great places to stay, golf, shop, dine and ride your bike, of course.

Gravel Grinding

Everyone loves a smooth road, yet gravel roads are increasingly popular. Why? Because you’re riding where cars are scarce.

Plan Your Visit

Got three days for riding? Take the Ojai Bike Trail from Ventura on day 1, then this route on day 2. Return to Ventura on day 3.


Ventura to Ojai Bike Trail

Ventura to Ojai Bike Trail

Best beginner bike touring route?
We think you’ll agree. This 16-mile, out and back route climbs gradually from Ventura to Ojai.

Take the train

For an easy getaway take the AMTRAK Surfliner from Los Angeles, San Diego or Santa Barbara to Ventura – bring your bike for free.

Ride a Class 1 Bike Trail

From the Ventura AMTRAK Station follow the Ventura River Trail which eventually turns into the Ojai Valley Trail. Enjoy the quiet Class 1 trail and the beautiful valley views.

Family Friendly

The off-road trail and the gentle grade from Ventura makes this an ideal ride for children.

Ojai Overnight

Plan an overnight stay, or two – you won’t want to leave.

Riding fat tires? Combine this ride with the Sulphur Mountain Loop for a great weekend of riding adventures.

Festivals & Parades

Ojai loves its 4th of July parade – arrive a day early to place your lawn chairs along Ojai Ave.

Plan well in advance to attend the Ojai Music Festival.

Visit the one-of-a-kind Bart’s Books during your visit.

Photo credit: Michael Becker, Kate Faulkner and Frank Peters. Video: The Path Less Pedaled.


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