Rincon Trail

Frank PetersEasy

Enjoy great bicycle infrastructure?
You’ll love this segment of your southbound journey as it takes you along the shoreline on a new bike path.

Passing Through?

Whether you’re passing through on the California Coastal Route or you’re out for local ride, you’ll enjoy this most modern bicycle infrastructure.

Advocates wanted an off-road alternative to riding on the 101 Fwy. Their wishes came true with this 2-way, off-road trail between the freeway and the ocean.

Like flat?

You’ll need extra sunscreen for this easy, flat ride.

Where to go from here

Keep riding south on your way to Malibu and Santa Monica, or head north along another off-road trail that takes you to Ojai. Check out the Ventura-Santa Paula-Ojai loop route for details.

You can hop on the AMTRAK Surfliner in Ventura, too.

Photo credits: Michael Becker & Kate Faulkner