Goleta Beach Park


Explore the Westside

Lunch at the beach? Let’s go!
Ride to the Beachside Bar & Cafe in Goleta Beach Park.

Out and back, from The Dolphins Fountain at the beach, it’s a 20-mile roundtrip route from downtown Santa Barbara to Goleta Beach Park, half off-road.

How long is it? When will you get back?

Some cyclists won’t want to come back – your destination and the route there are sublime, so take your time.

It’s 20-miles, out and back, from Santa Barbara to Goleta Beach Park. The miles seem to fly by when you’re off-road on the very flat Obern Trail.

Watch for the Vitamin D overdose symptoms – big smiles as you sample food, wine and beer at The Beachside Cafe.

Budget 3 hours, one to get there, one to linger, and one on the way back – what an afternoon!